Actor-centered Europeanization

  • Eva-Maria Maggi
Part of the Politik und Gesellschaft des Nahen Ostens book series (PGNO)


Think for a minute about soccer, by the way, the most popular sport in Morocco. How crucial are the rules for the game? Or are the players more important? Well, the game would not exist without the rules, but also could not exist without the players. But what happens if a penalty kick decides what team wins the game, who or what is responsible? Maybe the rule which punished the foul with a free goal kick, or the player who has the nerves to withstand the chanting crowds and scores? Or, was it a bad referee decision or just chance? Similar to soccer, processes of institutional change can be triggered by various factors, from which, selecting the decisive ones, is a puzzling task. What came first, the structure or the person? The answer fills libraries, with some studies concluding the structure determines everything, while others believe people can change everything—but only if it is in their interest.


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