The sectoral innovation system of the German textile industry

  • Isabel Schwinge


The textile industry has an eventful history, starting as a leading industry during the industrial revolution to a “quintessential low-tech industry in the modern era” (von Tunzelmann/Acha 2005: 425). Particularly the relative simple technologies and division of labor in the apparel industry allowed many emerging economies to participate in this industry (cf. ibid. 426). In this respect, the textile industry is one of the most affected industries from changes of market internationalizations (e.g. Konrad 2001: 389). On the other hand, this industry has shown the ability to revolve in new technologies in several times of its industrial life-cycle (cf. von Tunzelmann/Acha ibid.). Examples of the industry’s renewal are the development of artificial fibers at the beginning of the 20th century or synthetic fibers in the middle of the century (ibid.), and recently the launch of smart textiles.


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