Weierstraß’s Approximation Theorem (1885) and his 1886 lecture course revisited

  • Reinhard Siegmund-Schultze


The paper provides new insight into the origins of Weierstraß’s 1886 lecture course on the foundations of function theory and of the mimeographed lecture notes connected to this course which were published by the author in German in 1988. A short overview of the content of the lecture course is given; the central role that Weierstraß’s famous approximation theorem of 1885 played in it is emphasized. The paper uses archival material recently discovered at the Institut Mittag-Leffler in Djursholm.


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  • Reinhard Siegmund-Schultze
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  1. 1.Faculty of Engineering and ScienceUniversity of AgderKristiansandNorway

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