Model Development and Discussion of the Results



Chapter 5 presents a description of the outcomes and findings from this qualitative study. This Chapter is divided into seven parts. After the introduction, Section 5.2 presents the theoretical integration of the empirical findings and reverts back to the literature. Section 5.3 explains the development of an exploratory framework for design issues of an SDP-based ICT system, from a users’ perspective. This framework is representative of the six final GT categories, and their relationships, developed using theoretical coding, memos and integrative diagrams, presented in Chapter 4. A substantive theory diagram and description is presented as well within Chapter 5. The third part, Section 5.4, then discusses and presents the development of the interview-based model, based on the final GT categories and the literature-based model, based on the literature-based criteria catalogue.


Functional Requirement Design Issue Theoretical Integration Session Initial Protocol 
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