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Chapter 3 describes the research methodology used in this study. Firstly, fundamental background information of the research paradigm and strategy (Section 3.2) and a general overview of the research methodology (EMPLIT framework, Section 3.3) and the research project (Section 3.3.5), is given. Moreover, information and guidelines on the different approaches to Grounded Theory Methodology (GTM, Section 3.4), and mapping techniques (Section 3.6), are provided. The Colour Coding approach within GTM is discussed in terms of classical coding methods and stages are addressed in Section 3.5. The feedback procedure presenting the results to the participants of the empirical study is described in Section 3.7. The concept of a Literature-based study is used to analyse the related data from the literature review, together with the data from the empirical study, illustrated in Section 3.8. Consolidating all described concepts, EMPLIT methodology used in this study, is presented in Section 3.3 from a general point of view.


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