Solving the JSPTWT – a new Solution Procedure

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The primary goal of this thesis is to present the concept of a new solution procedure for solving the JSPTWT. As shown in Chapter 3, various solution procedures published in the related literature already exist (see e. g. [19, 41, 152]). Research results from the last few years show that these procedures are basically well performing. Their development is mainly based either on the adaptation of algorithms introduced for the minimum makespan JSP or on the combination of several different metaheuristics in a hybrid approach. There is no explanation why these solution procedures are also successful for solving the JSPTWT. Moreover, among the plenitude of metaheuristic concepts, there is no solution procedure which dominates the other approaches, cf. e. g. Appendix C.


Entropy Recombination Eter Autocorrelation Sorting 


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