Veto-players and stakes



The period between 2007 and 2012 was marked by strong political tensions. At the party level, conflicts arose between the center-right PDL, the liberal PNL, and the socialist-democratic PSD. Furthermore, there were clashes at a personal level between Prime Minister Tăriceanu (PNL) and President Băsescu. Political tensions within the PDL-PNL coalition resulted in several unexpected shifts in power, new institutional leaders, and several decisions of the Constitutional Court that led to speculation regarding reversible reforms and judicial dependency. Tăriceanu enjoyed the political support of the socialist PSD, which was in the opposition, and of the UDMR (Maghiar Union). The first clash between the PDL and the PNL led to the dismissal of Monica Macovei and her replacement by Tudor Chiuariu in April 2007.


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