Conceptual Considerations

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I based this work on the conceptual assumption that theory is practice (Foucault, 1996:75). Knowledge and power breathe together and from them, truth emerges as a localised and ceaselessly modified function. Not as the image of one fixed metaphysical plot but as a fleeting appearance, that is ”twisted”, “distorted” and “fading” (Koppensteiner, 2009a:18-20). Conceptually this implies a twisting of different, and yet relevant, strong metaphysics with weak thinking (ibid). Twisting, in this context means to give shape to different narratives and understands that nothing is lost. The practice of twisting, according to Koppensteiner (2009), also involves the incorporation of emerging transpositions while simultaneously being aware of not elevating such fusions into a new or more advanced division.


Cage Arena Sonal Clarification Metaphor 


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