Security in vehicle networks of connected cars

  • Armin Happel
  • Christof Ebert
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More than 20 years ago, the invention of the CAN bus built the basis of our today’s cars networks. At the beginning, only two to three ECUs (electronic control units) were connected. But nowadays we have complex networks of sensors and actors with different bus systems like CAN, LIN, FlexRay, MOST or Ethernet. The interaction of functions in this distributed network is an essential part for our today’s modern cars with all features for safety and comfort. Besides the further development of innovative sensors like radar and camera systems and the analysis of the signals in highly complex ECU systems, the connected cars will be a driving factor for tomorrow’s innovation. Internet connections will not only provide the need for information to the passenger. Functions like eCall or communication between cars or car to infrastructure (car2x) shows high potential to revolution the individual traffic. This includes the improvement of the traffic flow controlled by intelligent traffic lights, OEM backend systems to provide latest mapping data, warnings from roadside stations or brake indication of adjacent cars. This builds the basis for enhanced driver assistant systems and automated driving. But the connection to the outer world bears also the risk for attacks to the car.


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