• Christian Rockenhäuser
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This work is concerned with phase formation and cation interdiffusion in the GdxCe1-xO2-x/2 and SmxCe1-xO2-x/2 systems at temperatures below 1200°C. Diffusion-couple samples were fabricated and used in this work, which are well suited to analyze phase formation and to determine cation interdiffusion coefficients. The samples consist of CeO2 substrates with a thin film of Sm2O3 and Gd2O3, respectively, deposited on the substrates. CeO2 substrates with low porosity and impurity concentration were fabricated from high-purity CeO2 powder.


Interdiffusion Coefficient Cold Isostatic Press Bixbyite Structure Lower Activation Enthalpy Cation Interdiffusion 
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