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The present chapter contains the methodological approach used for selecting and analysing the health orientated strategies for the promotion of PA issued by national health ministries. At first, considerations regarding the aim and mode of comparison and the sampling of documents have been made. The second step explains in depth and tests the mixed design used for the document analysis. With the exception of some peculiar characteristics of the codes used for the document analysis, this chapter contains all the necessary information to justify, understand and reproduce the empirical analysis performed in this dissertation. As ‘real research is often confusing, messy, intensely frustrating, and fundamentally nonlinear’ (C. Marshall & Rossman, 2010, p. 21), the following discussions aim to explain the procedures carried out for the empirical analysis without hiding their openness, circularity and reflexivity through ‘highly standardized reporting practices’ (Bargar & Duncan, 1982, p. 2).


Physical Activity Content Analysis Mixed Method Global Strategy Health Ministry 
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