NBC case studies

  • Theo Fowinkel
Part of the Betriebswirtschaftliche Studien in forschungsintensiven Industrien book series (BSFI)


This chapter presents the six in-depth case studies for the final sample of participating companies. The company names are replaced with Greek letters and are sorted in the order of the data collection. All case studies contain two major sections: a general section about the NBC unit and its parent company followed by a more specific section about the HRM system in the NBC setting. The first section begins with a general description of the business activities of the parent company and contains details about the corporate culture, R&D activities, the historic development of NBC activities, the mission of NBC activities, the characteristics of the NBC unit, information about NBC employees and resources, a discussion from a dedicated function perspective, details about decision making committees and NBC processes, and a summary of interfaces with internal and external parties. The second section is dedicated to the official roles in NBC, specific HR practices in NBC, and the competencies and motivating factors of the NBC project leaders.


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