Testing and assessment of AEB systems for consumer protection

  • Andreas Rigling
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One of the main goals of the EU, federal traffic agencies and automotive consumer protection associations is to reduce traffic accidents and fatalities. To achieve this, the measures of passive vehicle safety have been massively improved over the last 15 years. The level of passive safety for affordable cars in Europe is near to its upper limit while still about 3,300 people are killed in traffic accidents in Germany1 (about 50% in passenger cars, 25% vulnerable road users like pedestrians and cyclists). In order to increase road safety and to keep up with the technical development, the European New Car Assessment Programme (Euro NCAP) requirements have become more stringent, with more emphasis on active safety systems and accident avoidance/ mitigation. Since 2014, Autonomous Emergency Brake Systems have been included in the rating. Thus a future 5-star car should be equipped with an AEB system. These testing and assessment protocols are based on accident data, the findings of EU funded research programmes such as AsPeCSS and consumer protection tests that have been performed for instance by ADAC since 2011. Currently there are three different groups of these assistant systems:

AEB City Brake function on standing cars from 10-50kph

AEB Interurban Brake & warning function on standing, moving and braking cars; 30-80kph

AEB Pedestrian Brake & warning function on crossing pedestrians from 20-60kph


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