Solution spaces for damper design in vehicle dynamics

  • Markus Eichstetter
Conference paper
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The conceptual layout of a damper is subject to many requirements related to vehicle ride, lateral dynamics, misuse, and acoustics. Conflicts of goals between these different disciplines often occur and may be caused by various reasons. In classical design, there are two major contributors. First, design work is typically done by considering only one damper characteristic that is iteratively improved in distinct development steps. Second, design objectives are considered one-by-one and not simultaneously. In order to avoid conflicts of goals and to find optimal solutions that satisfy all design requirements, a design method is proposed that relies on computing a solution space. A solution space defines a permissible range of damper characteristics on which the specified set of requirements is satisfied. It is constructed to be as large as possible in order to provide maximum flexibility for other requirements or tolerance to uncertainty in design work.


Lution Acoustics 


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