Social Control on Lamotrek: Peace as Gender- and Age-related Issue

  • Kerstin J. S. Werle


All over the world, people preserve a status of peace with the aid of shared rules. They objectify this status by maintaining personal or collective places. Circumstances of ownership are expressed in various ways. Fences divide up property. Houses are large or small, richly ornamented or simple: all over the world, housing provides protection, but also deep insight into the daily life of the occupant. On Lamotrek, the history of a place is closely interwoven with the history of the clan. Even the rank order of the clan is based on the history of the settlement, since the highest-ranking clan is the one whose members are regarded as having been the first to settle on Lamotrek. The place most worthy of reverence and traditionally the holiest place on Lamotrek is Lametag – an area which belongs to the Mengaulifash clan, more exactly, also to the first subclan of Mengaulifash. According to local history, King Mathoisam who took possession of Lamotrek by force and wiped out the original inhabitants with his soldiers (Metzgar 1988) once lived there. He was a member of the Mengaulifash Clan.


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