Landscape and Anthropology

  • Kerstin J. S. Werle


Anthropological literature deals with landscape in many different ways and tries to capture the complexity of the concept of landscape. For the scientific reference to landscape, the development of the various disciplines is of vital importance. Natural science and humanities are historically mutually involved. A description of culture from the perspective of art built the basis for a landscape which Humboldt wished to make use of to reveal the ‘spirit of nature’. This spirit then underwent a structural transformation from which landscape, natural science and the humanities emerged as complex, distinguishable systems which, at the same time, were interconnected. Eric Hirsch made an effort to provide a comprehensive view and classification of the concept in that, in his book The Anthropology of Landscape (1995) published together with Michael O’Hanlon, he tried to formulate a uniform basis for landscape anthropology.


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