Landscape as Cultivated Nature

  • Kerstin J. S. Werle


In the original sense, nature meant the inner disposition, the creative force of life. Culture was considered to be protection and cultivation of this natural quality. “The ultimate root meaning of culture is the Latin word colere which had a range of meanings such as ‘inhabit’, ‘cultivate’, ‘protect’, ‘honour with worship’…” (Olwig 1995: 313). This meaning of culture as a way to allow the dispositions to ripen in fruitful ground is like nature. Culture was first an aspect of nature. Olwig particularly emphasizes this relationship of the concepts in that he asserts: “Culture, in a classical sense, was society’s way of participating, via care (e.g. of the land), in a cyclical natural process in which the natural, in-born potentiality of society and its environment was made manifest” (1995: 313).


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