Setting the Bourdieuian Scene of Return: Habitus, Field and Capital

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Having anchored our research in a theoretical framework, we will now review the relevant literature of our research field. The aim is to position this PhD-thesis in terms of existing knowledge and to work out the existing research gaps. First, we will demonstrate our chosen approach in cross-country comparative research. This section is ‘preparatory’ and aims at justifying how we will set the Franco-German scene of return. Subsequently, we will review the literature about the German and French cultural habitus, whereupon we describe the German and French fields of return. In this respect, we will focus on the economic, educational and career field. Finally, we will review the literature about the impact of international career mobility on career agents’ career capital and habitus as well as the transformation of international work experiences into symbolic capital.


Rubber Income Marketing Assimilation Pyramid 


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