• Bettina Sonnenberg


The present study has investigated the effects of unemployment on people’s social involvement. It has specifically looked at how involvement in social groups, activities, and relationships depends on unemployment and addressed the underlying mechanisms. A vast body of empirical literature on social exclusion in general—and social isolation and social capital in particular—indicates that unemployment results in declines in social involvement (Gallie, et al. 2003; Gallie and Paugam 2004; Gensicke and Geiss 2010; Jahoda et al. 1971; Jahoda 1982; Layte et al. 2010; Paugam and Russell 2000). However, with the majority of previous studies drawing on non-experimental survey data and employing estimation strategies which cannot detect spurious associations, knowledge on whether and how unemployment affects social involvement is on shaky ground and calls for empirical evidence using more elaborated methods. Thus, this study applied a research design that allowed for more reliable findings beyond crosssectional associations.


Life Satisfaction Social Capital Social Integration Cultural Activity Volunteer Work 
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