Case Descriptions: BMI Outcome and Process



This chapter aims to provide an in-depth understanding of the five single case studies, whereby each case is presented individually. Each case description begins with a portrayal of the traditional and the new business model by means of the business model canvas. Secondly, the classification of the new business model as successful or failed BMI according to the BMI-identification tool developed in chapter 2 is illustrated. Thirdly, the process of the new business model is described from the idea to the final integration. As for the two non-successful BMIs, the process description spans across to the dissolution or divestment of the business unit. Fourthly, process phases are identified from the business unit manager’s point of view, and their chronological order is visualized. Notably, all of the cases took place in different business units. The data underlying the case descriptions stems exclusively from the fieldwork. For simplicity and identity protection reasons, all mentioned persons involved in the cases are referred to as female. Non-English citations from interviewees have been translated into English by the scholar.


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