Requirements for future gasoline engines

  • Günter Fraidl
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The worldwide CO2 and fuel economy legislations will converge on extremely low level requiring fleet-CO2 reductions of up to 45% by 2025. This not only enhances electrification and alternative fuels, but also demands break through innovations with the conventional powertrain. On top, more stringent requirements regarding the “conventional” pollutants, Particulate Number and especially the future Real Driving Emission legislation will have a major impact both on powertrain technology but also on powertrain development, validation and in field compliance.

One of the key aspects is a comprehensive system development not only focused on the engine, but incorporating the whole powertrain, vehicle aspects and the huge variety of customer operating conditions to a much larger extend than in the past. To master these enhanced demands within short time to market, new development tools and methodologies will be applied.

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