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What both these quotes illustrate is the symbolic weight the THIP carries. Referring back to this thesis’ introduction, it is Kenya’s first ‘superhighway’ and as a project that was actually delivered, Kenyans can be proud of the achievement. At the same time, the THIP is embedded in Kenya Vision 2030, in which the country’s elite is imagining Kenya to become a middle-income country in the next two decades. Many infrastructure projects are underway. They are transforming the life of many Kenyans, urban dwellers in particular. And hardly anyone would disagree that these projects can be improved. The THIP is relatively decent for Kenyan standards of public projects and Thika Highway is far better than most other roads in the country. Nevertheless, with the detrimental effects on livelihood and accessibility for various stakeholder groups in the Northern Nairobi Metropolitan Region, such a massive investment at least partly runs the risk of becoming another missed opportunity of making a difference in managing growth into peri-urban areas.


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