The software package MUSCOP

  • Andreas Potschka
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We have implemented the inexact SQP method based on the GINKO algorithm with two-grid Newton-Picard generalized LISA as described in Chapter 5. It is our goal in this chapter to highlight the most important software design decisions and features. We have named the software package MUSCOP, which is an acronym for Multiple Shooting Code for PDEs. The name alludes to the successful software package MUSCOD-II (see Leineweber [105], Leineweber et al. [107] with extensions by Leineweber [106], Diehl [47], Schäfer [141], Sager [138]) because we had originally intended to design it as a MUSCOD-II extension. In Section 11.1 we discuss why we have decided to develop the method in a stand-alone parallel form and outline which programming paradigms have proved to be useful in the development of MUSCOP. Afterwards we explain the orchestration of the different software components in Section 11.2.


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