Supply Chain Scheduling: Makespan reduction potential

  • Christian Alexander Ullrich


Specialization, concentration on core competencies, and increasing globalization lead to a situation where competition between big national companies is increasingly replaced by competition between globally operating supply chains (Christopher, 1992; Cooper et al., 1997; Handfield and Nichols, 1999; Barnes, 2006; Vandaele et al., 2007; Stadtler, 2008). However, sophisticated business relationships between multiple supply chain partners and the lack of a centralized management can create problems such as the bullwhip effect or double marginalization. Supply chain management has thus become a very important topic in the literature ever since the term was first mentioned by Oliver and Webber (1982). Globally operating supply chains that need efficient supply chain management can be found in many industries such as in automotive, computer, and apparel manufacturing (Bruce et al., 2004; Chopra and Meindl, 2012; Bruce and Daly, 2011).


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