For the past two decades customer orientation and the creation of customer value has grown in interest and is intensively discussed especially in marketing literature (Jayachandran, Hewett and Kaufman 2004, p. 219). Yet, customer orientation, which is described as “…the organization wide generation of market intelligence pertaining to current and future customer needs…” (Kohli and Jaworski 1990, p. 6), is insufficiently picked up in Business Process Management (BPM) (Maddern et al. 2007, pp. 1001–1003). Focusing on the production and its technical quality, comparative advantages are mostly aspired via BPM through gains in efficiency. Although customer orientation seems relevant to sustain and level revenues, current methods provide a rather inside-out view on processes. But as value (for money) originates from solutions that address and satisfy the customers’ needs, companies also have to understand and meet customers’ requirements in order to enhance customer satisfaction and create customer value. Thus, it is beneficial to broaden the focus of business processes to the customers’ side.


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