Structure of part IV

  • Martin Dumbach
Part of the Markt- und Unternehmensentwicklung / Markets and Organisations book series (MAU)


Part IV builds on the previous part III and focuses on the individual level of community social capital. The model presented here takes a look at personality traits (i.e., the Five Factor Model [FFM]) (Goldberg, 1992) as well as intrinsic and extrinsic motivations (Deci, 1972) to engage in community activities as antecedents of social capital in corporate innovation community settings. By offering more nuanced theoretical lines of arguments as well as quantitative empirical evidence with regard to the relationships between personality as well as motivations of community members and social capital, part IV presents interesting insights for both researchers as well as practitioners attached to recruiting and incentivicing community participation. While part III addressed community management as a whole, this part focuses on consequences of community members’ personality and motivations with regard to social capital.


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