The Ergonomic Aspects of Articular Mechanics

  • M. A. MacConaill


For the purposes of this paper we can define ergonomics as the science and art of adapting machines, workrooms, and work-processes to workers. Too often in earlier days the workers had to adapt themselves to other things with a consequent unhappiness at best and permanent ill-health at worst. One of the earliest attempts to deal with this problem was made by Jules Amar (1920), who was the Director of the Research Laboratory of Industrial Labour at the Conservatoire National des Arts et Métiers in Paris. His classic, The Human Motor, was published in 1914 and issued in English in 1920. Later, and with increasing momentum since World War II, ergonomic studies and their application have become worldwide and have embraced the psychological as well as the physical aspects of the affair. The present paper deals with a limited part of this physical aspect alone.


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