The Fine Structure of Melanin Granules (the Early, Mature and Compound Forms)

  • P. Drochmans
Conference paper


The melanin granule, called “melanosome” [5], is the cytoplasmic structure of the melanocyte which carries the melanin pigment. The melanosome may be considered as a biological entity, from the morphological and functional point of view. It represents the unit-particle of melanin, but may vary in size and shape with species and may change in density depending on external influences, such as hormonal and physical stimulation. By agglomeration, melanosomes may also constitute large particles, which we call “compound melanosomes”. These aggregates of melanosomes correspond to the highest degree of organization of melanin pigment found in pigment cells.


Dehydration Fibril Macromolecule Agglomeration Methacrylate 


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