Testing Trend Stationarity Against Difference Stationarity in Time Series

  • Martin Moryson
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The large sample tests exposed so far are not only useful for testing the constancy of regression coefficients over time, they can also be employed to test the stationarity of time series against the alternative of being integrated of order one. Most unit root tests are based on the Dickey-Fuller model:
$$ H_0 :y_t = \gamma _0 + \gamma _1 t + y_{t - 1} + u_t $$
$$H_1 :y_t \, = \,\gamma _0 \, + \,\gamma _1 \,t\, + \rho y_{t - 1} + u_t,\,\left| \rho \right|\, < \,1, $$
where {ut} is some stationary process.


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