The Splenoportal Venous System

  • L. Guhl
  • I. P. Arlart
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Portal hypertension has a high prevalence even in well-developed countries. In the Federal Republic of Germany approximately 3% of the population suffer from portal hypertension (Kraas et al. 1984). About 40% of patients with portal hypertensive disease have esophageal varices (Berchtold 1976), and about one-half of these undergo one or more episodes of bleeding. Strong esophageal hemorrhage has a lethality of approximately 50%. Therapeutic possibilities in patients with symptomatic portal hypertension are hmited. Sclerotherapy is the most important method for management of esophageal or gastric hemorrhage. Portal venous pressure may be diminished by means of shunt surgery. However, problems of surgical intervention include the development of hepatic encephalopathy and shunt occlusion. As an alternative therapeutic procedure, transjugular portosystemic shunt (TIPS), performed by placement of a stent into an intrahepatic connection between a hepatic vein and a branch of the portal vein, has been introduced successfully.


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