Wavefront Analysis: Clinical Primer

  • J. F. Doane
  • S. Morris
  • A. D. Border
  • L. S. EuDaly
  • J. A. Denning


Just as you may or may not have become accustomed to understanding corneal topography maps the next evolution of refractive ocular imaging in the form of “wavePront analysis” has come on to the visual science scene [1]. This technology is rooted in the astrophysics domain where astronomers hoped to perfect the images impinging on their telescopes. To do this astrophysicist had to be able to measure and then to correct the imperfect higher order aberrations or wavefront distortions that entered their telescopic lens system from the galaxy. Using a process called “adaptive optics” deformable mirrors were used to reform the distorted wavefront to allow clear visualization of celestial objects (See Figs. 4.1 and 4.2).


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  • J. F. Doane
  • S. Morris
  • A. D. Border
  • L. S. EuDaly
  • J. A. Denning

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