Vibrational Spectra of Crystals and Superlattices Electron-Phonon Interaction

  • Eougenious L. Ivchenko
  • Grigory Pikus
Part of the Springer Series in Solid-State Sciences book series (SSSOL, volume 110)


The present monograph primarily deals with electronic properties. Information on the vibrational spectra and electron-phonon interaction will mainly be needed in Chap. 8 which is devoted to light scattering. Nevertheless, application of group theory to the classification of vibrational spectra of bulk crystals and superlattices illustrates the power of these methods. Their use permits one, without recourse to concrete calculations, to establish the general pattern of phonon spectra, to find the irreducible representations according to which normal vibrations transform near singular points, to determine how long-range dipole-dipole interaction affects the spectrum, and how the spectrum changes when superlattices form. All these aspects are considered in the first part of the present chapter.


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Vibrational Spectra of Superalattices

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  • Grigory Pikus
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