Thermodynamical and Statistical Properties of Clean Surfaces

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In surface physics, as in bulk solid state physics, we consider systems with a very large number of atoms (~ 1023) and consequently macroscopic properties can be derived phenomenologically from the laws of thermodynamics. In this approach no questions are asked about the detailed atomic structure and processes. Thus, the object of thermodynamics is the study of equilibrium properties of matter as a function of macroscopic parameters. In Sect. 2.1, we introduce the concept of surface energy and show how it is related to other surface thermodynamical quantities. In Sects. 2.2 and 2.3 we focus our attention on the equilibrium shape of a crystal. In Sect. 2.4, anticipating the next chapter in which the atomic structure is developed, we introduce some microscopic parameters and, using statistical thermodynamics, we study the roughening transition.


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