As2Se3 and Other Chalcogenides

  • K. S. Song
  • Richard T. Williams
Part of the Springer Series in Solid-State Sciences book series (SSSOL, volume 105)


As understanding of the STE both in SiO2 and in other materials involving the chalcogenide elements has advanced, striking parallels in STE structure and spectroscopy are becoming apparent. Several interesting and instructive parallels can be found between the chalcogenides and recent developments on STE structure in the alkali halides (Chap. 5). Amorphous and crystalline chalcogenide materials have been extensively studied in the last two or three decades. For detailed treatment of the field, reviews and original works such as those in [10.1–7] should be consulted. Our purpose in this chapter is to provide a brief introduction to the field in a way that highlights some of the bridges between STE physics in chalcogenides and the other materials discussed in previous chapters.


SiO2 Recombination Selenium Dinate Paral 


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