Review of Results and Experience

  • Kinga Howorka


A comprehensive description of all the data we have collected on the effectiveness of FIT training would be far beyond the scope of this book. A detailed analysis of our results — in regard to metabolic, psychological, and psychosocial variables — will be published in monograph form. The following analysis will restrict itself to the metabolic results achieved with the first group of 159 patients to complete the program. This original training program was carried out during the years 1983–1986 at the I. Medical Department of the University of Vienna Medical School. This program was carried out with hospitalized patients under conditions that were not particularly conducive to group patient education. The program was later moved to another facility of the University of Vienna Medical School (at the Department of Biomedical Engineering and Physics) and converted to an outpatient basis in which the phases can be carried out at different points in time (See also Chap. 2, “Overview of the Phases of Rehabilitation ...”).


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