Inflammatory Lesions and Sequels

  • Gerd Plewig
  • Albert M. Kligman


Pustules frequently start as solid lesions (papules) which soon liquefy. These are hybrids for which the term papulopustule is more exact, although not favored. The pustule represents a partial breakdown of the comedo. A variable segment of the epithelial lining survives and will reconstitute itself. Blow-outs close to the epidermis are less serious than deeper ones in the dermis and create smaller, more elevated lesions. Usually, the roof of the pustule bursts, allowing pus to escape. The battered remnants of the comedo are then discharged. Healing occurs in a very characteristic way that does not differ from normal wound repair.


Sebaceous Follicle Epithelial Lining Follicular Epithelium Propionibacterium Acne Eccrine Sweat Gland 
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