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The primary treatment for non-malignant meningioma is surgical excision. If there is any question about surgical margins, the high recurrence rates and the recognized effectiveness of radiotherapy would indicate the early use of post-operative radiotherapy. When the base of the skull or other critical sites are involved and surgical attempts would produce high morbidity, radiation alone is then appropriate. Finally, when there is recurrence of meningioma following surgical excision, radiation therapy is still effective, but not as effective as in the immediate post-operative period. The radiation oncologist and neurosurgeon as a team must weigh the risks and benefits of a repeat surgical excision followed by radiotherapy compared to radiotherapy alone. Evidence indicates that marginal recurrence can be avoided by using wide fields. Minimal tumor doses of 5000–5500 rad are generally recommended. In the national survey, ninety-one percent of radiation oncologists would treat meningioma.


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