Sonoanatomy of the Pancreas

  • Francis S. Weill


The pancreas is situated in the anterior pararenal space which contains the fixed portion of the ascending colon and the descending colon laterally (Meyers 1976). It is separated from the great vessels by the medial portion of Zuckerkandl’s fascia. The pararenal fascia (Zuckerkandl’s fascia, Gerota’s fascia) separates the anterior perirenal space, and therefore the pancreas, from the perirenal space (Figs. 19.1, 19.2). The vessels in the pancreatic region will be reexamined a little later in this chapter; the splenic vessels and the upper portion of the mesenteric vessels also lie in the anterior pararenal space, and the renal vessels are in the perirenal space.


Common Bile Duct Pancreatic Duct Superior Mesenteric Artery Superior Mesenteric Vein Splenic Vein 
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