How Should Marrow Transplantation be Approached?

  • H. J. Deeg


Marrow transplantation is no longer a last desperate effort aimed only at salvaging patients with far advanced disease. Marrow transplantation in 1988 is a well established modality, which may acutally represent the treatment of choice for a given patient, and hence, should be part of treatment planning early in the patient’s course. This can be a demanding task, but the approach is generally rewarding both for physicians and patients. There must be no misunderstanding: marrow transplantation is a complex and expensive therapy. Results depend upon factors such as disease stage, patient age, histocompatibility, possibly donor age, and the patient’s overall medical condition. Some transplants, especially autologous, are still considered experimental and may not be covered by health insurance. Early recognition and discussion of potential problems may allow for them to be resolved, may direct therapeutic efforts in different directions, or may provide time needed to assure financing.


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