Levels of Schema Implementations

  • E. G. Schlechtendahl
Part of the Research Reports ESPRIT book series (ESPRIT, volume 1)


As CAD systems provide different levels of capabilities one cannot expect all systems to support the full schema in their pre- and post-processors. On the other hand, it must not be left to the choice of the implementer of processors which subset of entities and attribute he wants to support. Thus, this specification includes a definition of allowable subsets of the complete schema. These allowable subsets are characterized by a set of numbers, called levels. Such levels are used to identify
  1. 1.

    the geometric modeling capabilities (lg),

  2. 2.

    the capabilities of defining assembly structures (la),

  3. 3.

    the capabilities for parametric models and macros (lp),

  4. 4.

    the capabilities for references (lr).



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