Controversies in the Management of Posterior Uveal Melanoma

  • Jerry A. Shields
  • Carol L. Shields
  • Luther W. Brady
  • J. Carlos Hernandez
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The management of malignant melanoma of the posterior uvea (ciliary body and choroid) is still controversial (Shields 1983; Shields and Shields 1992; Shields et al., to be published). This controversy has evolved because the peculiar and often unpredictable behavior of this tumor is poorly understood. This chapter discusses some of the controversial issues, with emphasis on the debate over the role of enucleation as primary treatment, the subject of metastasis following enucleation, the possibility that enucleation may promote metastasis, and the concept of subclinical metastasis. It will lay the groundwork for the more specific methods of treatment to be discussed in subsequent chapters.


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  • Luther W. Brady
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  • J. Carlos Hernandez
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