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Glomerulonephritis, Mouse

  • Bernard Sass
Part of the Monographs on Pathology of Laboratory Animals book series (LABORATORY)


The kidneys of mice with glomerulonephritis vary in appearance depending on the stage of the dis- ease, but both kidneys are usually equally affect ed. In strain NZB and in (NZB × NZW) F1 hybrids in the acute phase of systemic lupus, the kidneys are café au lait or dusky pink and enlarged; the surfaces are smooth and shiny, and the capsule is nonadherent. Later in the course of the disease, the kidneys may be shrunken and the capsule adherent, revealing a granular pitted surface and small cysts or petechiae on the cut surface.


Glomerulopathy glomerulosclerosis hyalinization of glomeruli 


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