Horn Clauses

  • Alan Bundy
  • Lincoln Wallen
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Horn Clauses are formulae of first order predicate calculus <189> of the form:
$$ {\rm{A1}}\,\,{\rm{\& }}\,\,{\rm{A2}}\,\,{\rm{\& }}\,\,{\rm{.}}\,\,{\rm{.}}\,\,{\rm{.}}\,\,{\rm{\& }}\,{\rm{An}}\,\,{\rm{A}}\,\,\,\,\,{\rm{or}}\,\,\,\,{\rm{A1}}\,\,{\rm{\& }}\,\,{\rm{A2}}\,\,{\rm{\& }}\,\,{\rm{.}}\,\,{\rm{.}}\,\,{\rm{.}}\,\,{\rm{\& }}\,\,{\rm{An}}\,\, \to $$
where each of the Ai and A are atomic formulae i.e. of the form R(C1.....Cn), where R is a relation, each Cj is a term, and n ≥. 0.


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