• Alan Bundy
  • Lincoln Wallen
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LOOPS (LISP OBJECT ORIENTATED PROGRAMMING SYSTEM) adds data, object, and rule orientated programming to the procedure orientated programming of Interlisp-D (<103>). In object orientated programming, behaviour is determined by responses of instances of classes to messages sent between these objects with no direct access to the internal structure of an object. Data orientated programming is a dual of object orientated programming, where behaviour can occur as a side effect of accessing data. Rule orientated programming is an alternative to programming in LISP (<34>). Programs in this paradigm are organised around recursively composable sets or pattern-action rules for use in expert system design. LOOPS is integrated into Interllisp-D, and thus provides access to the standard procedure orientated programming of Lisp, and use of the extensive environmental support of the Interlisp-D system.


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    Bobrow, D.G. and Stefik, M. The LOOPS ManualGoogle Scholar

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