Radionuclide Brain Scan in the Diagnosis of Cerebrovascular Diseases

  • Gianni Boris Bradač
  • Roland Oberson


The advent of computed tomography (CT) in the neuroradiologic field has diminished the diagnostic importance of the radionuclide brain scan (RBS); however, as noninvasive techniques for brain scanning both CT and RBS are useful in vascular accidents. Moreover, both tests are synergistic. RBS is a sensitive dynamic and biologic test. Not only is it still especially useful for the dynamic aspects of cerebral circulation, but also in many cases it is a good complementary examination to both CT and cerebral angiography (Pendergrass et al., 1975; Alderson et al., 1976; De Land, 1976; Gado et al., 1976; Chiu et al., 1976; Clifford et al., 1976). The following comments briefly consider the technical and diagnostic aspects of RBS.


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