Zona Glomerulosa of the Adrenal Cortex: Source of Aldosterone

  • Jürg Müller
Part of the Monographs on Endocrinology book series (ENDOCRINOLOGY, volume 29)


The adrenal cortex is the only organ capable of producing aldosterone in man and several mammalian species. In adrenalectomized men, sheep and dogs, as well as in patients with Addison’s disease urinary excretion, secretion rate and plasma concentration of aldosterone were found to be either unmeasurably low or to be within the range of the reagent blank of the analytical method used (Kliman and Peterson, 1960; Bojesen and Degn, 1961; Kowarski et al., 1964; Brodie et al., 1967; Coghlan and Scoggins, 1967a). Indirect evidence for the ectopic secretion of aldosterone by an ovarian Sertoli cell tumor in a 9-year-old girl with precocious puberty, hyperaldosteronism, hypokalemia and high blood pressure has been presented by Ehrlich et al. (1963).


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