Child and adolescent psychiatry in Serbia

  • V. Išpanović-Radojković
  • N. Tadic


From the beginning of its development, around 1927, child and adolescent psychiatry in Yugoslavia has been given different names and definitions. At first, it encompassed the wide concept of “mental hygiene”, and later “psychiatry of developmental age”, “psychiatry of childhood and youth” and finally “child and adolescent psychiatry”. Today the last term is in use. It is defined as a separate field of psychiatry covering diagnostics, treatment, prevention, rehabilitation, and scientific research of disorders in emotional, cognitive and social development, psychiatric disorders, and psychosomatic illnesses of children and young people. It is closely linked to pediatrics, and special branches of psychology, sociology, neuropsychology, general psychiatry, genetics, law, and other professional fields and sciences engaged in the care of children and adolescents.


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  • V. Išpanović-Radojković
  • N. Tadic

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