Ultrasonography of the Pancreas



Owing to its solid structure and retroperitoneal location, exploration of the pancreas sometimes proves difficult. Up to now, only radiologic techniques have supplemented the information provided by inspection and palpation. These techniques are: ductular opacification by cholangiography or pancreatography, and vascular opacification by ileoportography. Cholangiography simply allows objective verification of the repercussions of a cephalic lesion on the bile duct. Pancreatography can be difficult to effect in the absence of dilation of the principal pancreatic duct. Ileoportography is an invasive and relatively long examination and is very seldom performed in the end. Apart from the fragmentary nature of the information furnished by these different radiologic techniques, they have the drawback of not providing any data about the parenchymatous structure of the gland. Intraoperative sonography does provide such information and further explores ductular structures and the vascular environment. In this context it can be seen to be an easy, quick, richly informative examination.


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