Relevance of Dopaminergic Agonists and Antagonists to Parkinsonian Tremor

  • S. Ruggieri
  • A. Denaro
  • M. Baldassarre
  • F. Stocchi
  • A. Agnoli
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Tremor is the most complex symptom of Parkinson’s disease, either for physiopathology or for neurochemistry. It seems to be the result of a derangement of cortical-subcortical loops which in Parkinson’s disease also involve the nigrostriatal system (Poirier et al. 1976; Teravainen et al. 1979; Narabayashi et al. 1979). Furthermore, in tremor there are very complex modifications of neurotransmitters which cause the onset of this symptom through a derangement of the relationship of the neurotransmitters themselves (Barbeau 1962; McGeer et al. 1961; Siegfrid 1976). The nigrostriatal dopaminergic system is certainly involved in the pathogenesis of tremor, even if a clear relationship between tremor and the damage of the dopaminergic system does not exist (Rinne et al. 1982).


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  • S. Ruggieri
  • A. Denaro
  • M. Baldassarre
  • F. Stocchi
  • A. Agnoli

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