Coxsackie B Virus-Specific IgM Responses in Patients with Cardiac and Other Diseases

  • D. J. Coltart
  • M. M. O. El-Hagrassy
  • J. E. Banatvala
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In addition to acute CNS infection and Bornholm disease, Coxsackie B viruses may cause acute pericarditis and myocarditis [1,2]. It has been claimed that Coxsackie B virus antigens have been detected in the endocardium of patients with valvular heart disease [3]. However, viruses are seldom isolated from patients with Coxsackie B virus-induced heart disease. Furthermore, significant rises in antibody titre are only occasionally detected [4, 5], perhaps because cardiac events occur late in the course of Coxsackie B viurs infection. The diagnosis is therefore generally based on the presence of high Coxsackie B-neutralizing antibody titres [4]. However, high titres to one or more Coxsackie B serotypes, which may result from subclinical infection and may persist for a year or more [4], may frequently be detected in apparently healthy persons [6,7]. We have attempted to obtain evidence of recent infection with Coxsackie B viruses by detecting virus-specific IgM responses with an enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA) test, employing the “antibody capture” technique, in which a solid phase was coated with anti-human IgM.


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  • D. J. Coltart
  • M. M. O. El-Hagrassy
  • J. E. Banatvala

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